Step by step guide to selling a property

  • market appraisal and valuation
    step 1 market appraisal and valuation

    our aim is to sell your property at the best possible price and in the shortest timescale property. in order to achieve this, accurate valuation is crucial. alcantara estates knowledge of san pedro and puerto banus beachside property is unrivaled.

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  • instructing alcantara estates
    step 2 instructing alcantara estates

    alcantara estates has remained the leading local real estate agency for beachside property between san pedro and puerto banus. we complete many valuations every day and through specialising in beachside property are able to offer clients the most accurate valuation and realistic possibility of sale.

  • instructing a lawyer
    step 3 instructing a lawyer

    the successful completion of a sale can be reliant on the efficiency and speed of the instructed lawyer. it is therefore a good idea to have instructed a lawyer before a purchaser has been found. this way the required paperwork for sale can be forwarded to us and all necessary documentation can be prepared in advance.

  • marketing your property
    step 4 marketing your property

    as well as alcantara estates many direct clients, properties listed for sale with alcantara estates are immediately available to a network of over 500 collaborating agencies and their clients, allowing the greatest possible market exposure.

  • viewings
    step 5 viewings

    showing a property is not simply a matter of opening a door. each property is different and must be shown in the best way possible. in addition, it is critical that the agent has in-depth local knowledge of the area and the development itself, if the property is to be shown in the best light possible.

  • offers and negotiation
    step 6 offers and negotiation

    as soon as an offer is received we will notify you with all details and any special conditions. skill, negotiation and patience are required to advance a sale from initial viewing through to final completion, allowing the seller to achieve the best possible price for their property.

  • offer accepted
    step 7 offer accepted

    once an offer has been accepted we will liase with all interested parties in order to progress the sale smoothly. alcantara estates will be in contact with both parties lawyers, assisting as required, and keeping you informed every step of the way.

  • private purchase contract
    step 8 private purchase contract

    once all necessary checks have been completed by the purchaser’s lawyer, private purchase contract can be signed. In this contract the price, timescale and other conditions are set out, and typically 10% of the purchase price is paid.

  • signing of the tile deed (escritura)
    step 9 signing of the tile deed (escritura)

    on the agreed date the purchasers and vendors, or legal representatives, will meet at public notary, along with any related parties such as mortgaging banks, to sign the title deed, pay the balance of funds, and receive the keys.